How to Ace the Job Interview?

Graduates want to land their first job, the ones already in the industry want to get promoted, or enter one of their dreaming companies. Everybody wants to ace in the job interviews. However, we all have the experience of missing good opportunities. The important thing is that we must learn from our mistakes and catch the next chance.

The first question for you to think about is, what is the essential thing to ace the interview?

To present the best ourselves so that the interviewers would prefer to hire us. Is this your answer?

Now, please put it in the interviewers’ shoes and think about what is essential for the interviewers? They want to find the things that can right fit in their team, right? Now back to the question, “What is the essential thing to ace the interview?”, do you have a different answer now?

The essential thing in an interview is to demonstrate that you are the right fit for their company and team.

The second question for you to think about is, what do you want to get out of the interview?

To get the trust from the interviewers so that they can give a “Yes” to the interview. We can’t say this answer is wrong, but another critical thing you must get out of the discussions is their information, including their team structure, culture, expectations about this role, etc. Why? An interview should be a two-sided interview, and we should be equal to the interviewers. We must also interview them to see if we would like to spend our future time working in their company and the potential team, to make sure we are happy about our new job.

With these two questions clear, here are some tips to prepare for the interviews,

  • Be clear about the critical factors for your next job.

You can’t have a job that meets all your requirements, so it is essential to know the most critical ones.

  • Understand the strong points of yourself as well as your weakness.

Understanding yourself better will help you to elicit the jobs that fit you better.

  • Apply for the job which you feel excited about.

We will spend most of our time working, make sure you will be happy every day.

  • Learn about the company and read the job description carefully

Try to figure out what the company is doing, their business, the products, etc.

It is better to read the job description to see what are their expectations. Challenge yourself to find out if you have the skillset, and then you can prepare the missing parts accordingly.

  • Mock the interview by yourself

With the information from the above, now pretending that you were the interviewers, think about what kind of questions you may ask. List the questions and practice by yourself before the interview.

Good luck with your new job huntings.



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